We are leader in our region for providing cisco so many people have confutions about CISCO certification this FAQ helps you to choose Cisco centification for your batter IT career

• All of the schools I have talked to tell me I should get MCSE certification before I start any Cisco certification. My question is do I really need to have MCSE before I begin CCIE certification? Secondly, Will network+ and server+ (comptia) certifcations increase my marketability of CCIE certification?

Answer :
You should start with the CCNA then the CCNP. It takes at least 2-3 years of hands-on Cisco experience to pass the lab. The other network+ certs won't really make much difference for marketability since those are considered entry level certs. You don't need to do your MCSE before starting on Cisco Certs. Don't listen to them on that. They probably just want you to go to their MCSE school. You can do all these certs without going to class. Just remember that without hands-on experience you will be considered entry level regardless of what certs you get.

• I' m taking the CCNA next week. Just how detailed did they get?

Lots on frame-relay, OSI, router sims, switching etc. Its a blanket really. The don't focus on anything specifically, and from what I understand it is adaptive. That is if you get a question wrong they ask a similar question to see if you know it or not. The only real advice is program as many routers as quickly as possible. Get sims, or the real thing

• How can I register for CISCO Examination ?

From the 1st augest 2007 Pearson VUE is authorized for Cisco Certification You can find your nearest Pearson VUE testing centre from www.pearsonvue.com You can also find FAQ about Cicsco exam registration process from http://www.pearsonvue.com/cisco/faq/candidates.html